Install Instructions for zMaxOneClick
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Install Instructions for zMaxOneClick


This document contains the following topics:

  • Prepare for installation
  • Uncompress the install file
  • Install Software

Upon completion of these instructions, zMaxOneClick will be installed on one or more computers based on the configuration/operation options you have chosen. These instructions assume that you have read the documentation Download Instructions for zMaxOneClick or the information from the link 'Download the install file' (as shown below – Figure 1).



Read the email you received from Zoom ( with the subject 'Your Requested zMaxOneClick Download'. Then read the download instructions and complete the download of the install file by following these instructions.

The instructions (various topics) can be accessed by clicking the hyperlink text titled 'Click here to view'.

The program installation file can be downloaded by clicking the link titled 'Download the install file:' (as shown in the screenshot below – Figure 1).

Figure 1


There are THREE different possible configure/operate options for zMaxOneClick – Standalone Workstation, Networked Workstation, Remote Desktop Server. Please read the definitions listed below and choose the option which is appropriate for your needs and install the program accordingly


  • zMaxOneClick application is installed once on a single computer.
  • zMaxOneClick application runs just on that single computer.


  • zMaxOneClick application is installed multiple times on many workstations which are part of the same local area network.
  • zMaxOneClick application runs on multiple workstations with access to the templates over the network at the same time.


  • zMaxOneClick application is installed once on the Remote Desktop Server.
  • zMaxOneClick application is run by multiple users at the same time on the Remote Desktop Server. Users log into the Remote Desktop Server to run the application.


The file you download is a 'zip' format (you will note that the file have a dot zip as the file extension - the name after the dot - if you show extensions on your file names)

This is a compressed file that needs to be uncompressed before you install it. To uncompress the file, right click on the file and choose 'Extract All…' (as shown below – Figure 2).

Responsive image

Figure 2

The 'Select a Destination and Extract Files' screen will apprear (as shown below – Figure 3). Accept the default file path. Your file path will include your user name.

Responsive image

Figure 3

Click the 'Extract' button. Wait while the file is extracted.

If you check the 'Show extracted files' a new window will open showing the extracted file (as shown below – Figure 4).

Responsive image

Figure 4

Otherwise the folder will show in the 'Downloads' folder (as shown below – Figure 5) and you will need to open the folder to view the install file.

Responsive image

Figure 5


Installing zMaxOneClick is the same for all configuration/operation options, but how many times you install the program will vary. Please review the section above called 'REVIEW CONFIGURATION/OPERATION OPTIONS' for additional details.

To start the installation process, make sure you are logged into the computer as the "Administrator" OR as a user with Administration rights so you can complete the install.

Double click on the 'InstallzMaxOneClickX.XX.exe' file that you downloaded and unzipped (the X.XX represents the version number which will vary depending on when the install is downloaded). This will launch the installation wizard (as shown below – Figure 7). You will accept the default choices.

If you receive a security warning message, click on Yes (as shown below – Figure 6).

Responsive image

Figure 6

Wait while the install wizard prepares to install. When the 'Welcome' screen appears (as shown below – Figure 7), click 'Next >' button.

Responsive image

Figure 7

Accept the default installation location (as shown below – Figure 8) and click the 'Next >' button.

Responsive image

Figure 8

Read the license agreement and then choose the 'I accept the terms in the license agreement' - if you do (as show below - Figure 9).

Click 'Next >' button

Responsive image

Figure 9

Click 'Next >' button (as shown below – Figure 10).

Responsive image

Figure 10

Choose the desktop icon option and click the 'Next >' button (as shown below – Figure 11).

Responsive image

Figure 11

Review the install recap. If everything is the way you want it and you are ready to proceed, click the 'Install' button (as shown below – Figure 12).

Responsive image

Figure 12

Wait while the install processes (as shown below – Figure 13)

Responsive image

Figure 13

Click 'Finish' button (as shown below – Figure 14).

Responsive image

Figure 14

Congratulations you are done with the installation.

You are ready to login to the application – refer to 'Log in the Program Instructions' link or “zMaxOneClick_3_Login-Configure_Instructions.pdf” file.

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