Launch and Setup Instructions for zMaxOneClick
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Launch and Setup Instructions for zMaxOneClick


This document contains the following topics:

  • Before First Launch
  • Launch for First Time
  • Configure Templates

Upon completion of these instructions, zMaxOneClick will be configured and ready for use.


IMPORTANT - Before you launch zMaxOneClick for the first time log into Sage 100 Contractor.

Why? zMaxOneClick is 'aware' of Sage 100 Contractor and will configure itself based which Sage 100 Contractor company folder which you log into (as shown below – Figure 7).

Choose the SQL Server (in the example below the server is "FRANKLIN\SAGE100CON") on which the Sage 100 Contractor company database is located and log in.

Figure 1


Launch the zMaxOneClick by double clicking on the icon on the desktop (as shown below – Figure 2).

Figure 2

A splash screen will briefly appear (as shown below – Figure 3)

Figure 3

As soon as the splash screen disappears, the 'Registration' screen will appear (as shown below – Figure 4). To run the program, you must register but you do not need to activate.

Please refer to the 'Register/Activation' link in your email or read the Register-Activate Instructions for zMaxOneClick for instructions on how to register.

Figure 4

Once zMaxOneClick is registered the main screen will display (as shown below – Figure 5). There will be a few second delay while the program checks registration online and the screen will display Checking Registration…

Figure 5

Once done the screen will change to show to Working... This means the program is trying to locate Sage 100 Contractor (as shown below – Figure 6).

Figure 6

As soon as the program "sees" Sage 100 Contractor the screen will change to Successfully connected to Sage 100 Contractor (as shown below – Figure 7) and shows the Database, User and Window (or screen or Sage desktop in this case) for the active Sage database.

Figure 7

Your Windows Operating System controls when zMaxOneClick "sees" Sage 100 Contractor.

The Windows Operating System from one of the locations in Sage that shows the database. These are locations that zMaxOneClick uses (as shown below – Figures 8-11).

Sage Screen – example is 3-5 Job screen

Figure 8

Sage Desktop Activity Centers turned on – Home & Resource tab

Figure 9

Sage Desktop Activity Centers turned on – tab other than Home & Resource tab

Figure 10

Sage Desktop with Activity Centers turned off

Figure 11

If zMaxOneClick does not "see" Sage 100 Contractor right away, just open one of the Sage locations listed above and then click back on zMaxOneClick to force Window to update the active window.

If you are the first person in your company to install and run zMaxOneClick, you will need to Download Apps before you can use the program. Please refer to Download Instructions for zMaxOneClick for instructions on how to do this process.

At this point, you can do one of three actions:

  1. 1. Go to the Sage screen from which you will run your app. If you don't know what screen your app runs from check the screen number in the app list (as shown below – Figure 12).

    Figure 12

  2. Leave the zMaxOneClick main screen open (as shown above – Figure 7).
  3. Click the X or the minimize icon in the top right corner to minimize the program to the Task Bar. The program is designed to run in the background minimized in the Task Bar (as shown below – Figure 13).

    Figure 13

Clicking the X will not close the program (which is designed to stay open to work with Sage). To close the program you will need to click on the “Quit” icon (as shown below – Figure 14).

Figure 13

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