Register-Activate Instructions for zMaxOneClick
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Register-Activate Instructions for zMaxOneClick


This document contains the following topics:

  • Account Code
  • Register
  • Activate

Upon completion of these instructions, zMaxOneClick will be registered and ready for Download Apps. zMaxOneClick must be registered on each computer by each user.


If the program is not registered, the registration form will automatically open when the program is launched. You cannot use the program without registering it. The Registration Form will appear on the Account Code step (as shown below – Figure 1).

Figure 1

Zoom Geeks sends an email when you purchase zMaxOneClick. This email is sent to the contact person provide to Zoom Geeks and whom is listed on the order form. The Account Code you need is listed in this email you received from Zoom Geeks (as shown below – Figure 2).

Figure 2

If you can't find the email and you need another copy of the Account Code, please email to request it.

Enter the Account Code from the Zoom email you received in the cell colored yellow (as shown below – Figure 3).

Figure 3

Click the blue 'Submit' button. The program will connect to the ZoomGeeks server via the internet and check to see if the Account Code you entered exists in the Zoom Geeks registration system.


If the Account Code matches one on file at Zoom Geeks, then your company name will automatically download (as shown below – Figure 4).

Figure 4

Check the company name to make sure it is complete and correct. Fill in your first name, last name and email. Click the ‘Register’ button. The program will send the registration to the Zoom server via the internet obtains and downloads the activation key and then switches the view to the next screen (as shown below).


If you have purchased zMaxOneClick, then complete this step. If not, just close the screen by clicking the red X at the top right corner.

If the Register step found that you have purchased the program, the Activation Key will automatically download. (as shown below – Figure 5), click the Activate button.

Figure 5

When you get the message 'Program has been successfully Activated!'' (as shown below – Figure 6), you are done and can close the screen using the red 'X' in the top right corner

Figure 6

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