Download Apps to Update Existing App - zMaxOneClick
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Download Apps to Update Existing App - zMaxOneClick

From time-to-time zMaxOneClick apps should be updated. The most common to update is to get the latest enhancements. But, it can also be to fix a bug or update the app so it will work with a different version of Sage 100 Contractor.

In general, it is a good idea to be working with the latest version of any app. The process shown below will update all the apps at one time even though only one app (the "3-6 Preventative Maintenance" app) is used as an example.

To update the apps, make sure the zMaxOneClick program is running (if it is running the "Z" icon will show in the taskbar (Figure 1). If it isn't, launch zMaxOneClick.

Figure 1

Click on this icon to open the screen. Then click Configuration (Figure 2).

Figure 2

The configuration screen will open (Figure 3).

Figure 3

Scroll down the the “Installed Apps” list to find the app that you want to update and click on it (Figure 4)

Figure 4

Then look in the bottom right corner and make a note of the version and modified date (Figure 5).

Figure 5

Click on the “Download Apps” in the bottom left corner (Figure 6).

Figure 6

If not already selected, click on the app again. The “3-6 Preventative Maintenance” app is used as the example (Figure 7).

Figure 7

Check to make sure that the version and modified date changed - this means that you have the new version (Figure 8).

Figure 8

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